Greg Blackwood
Director of Operations

I’m always glad to mention Plenary Enterprises when I’m tasked with procuring construction management vendors. If you need it done right the FIRST time, you won’t find a more qualified company.

Charles DeSilva
Property Manager

We needed a lot done and we didn’t have a lot of time to do it. All I can say is that the Plenary team was on time, within budget and extremely skilled. I’d recommend them to anyone.

James Page
Construction Superintendent

I’ve been in construction my entire adult career and within the first 6 months of working here, I knew that I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. You can tell a lot about a company not only by how professional they conduct their business, but by how well they treat their employees.

Sandra Foster

It’s my business to make sure that every construction project, especially the ones on government contracts, meet rigid safety and code guidelines. Plenary Enterprises is one of those companies that I usually already know will meet or exceed every requirement. Super professional team here!

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